How Can Nature
Benefit Seniors?

This award-winning program illustrates
a wide variety of ways to make Nature more
accessible and inviting at senior communities.

Three fast-paced and lively DVDs use case studies,
diagrams, and 3D models to demonstrate how
to transform ordinary settings into therapeutic
landscapes, with health benefits for residents,
staff, and family members.

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The Value of Nature
for Older Adults

Access to nature and the outdoors can affect quality of life for older adults, with information on research, health benefits, and interviews with leading experts

28 minutes

Improving Outdoor Access
for Older Adults

Photos, sketches, and 3D models to show how building layout can impact outdoor use and provide cost-effective solutions for improving outdoor access

31 minutes

Safe & Usable Outdoor Spaces
for Older Adults

The improvement of outdoor features, such as seating, shade, and walkways, are reported by residents to impact their outdoor usage

34 minutes


The Access to Nature program has won awards in design, educational, and research categories, including:


Research Honor Award - American Society of Landscape Architects

Environment + Design Award - Center for Excellence in Assisted Living

Active Place Design Competition - Environmental Design Research Association

Viewer's Choice - Harvard School of Public Health