How can Access to Nature help you?


You can access the most current research in the fields of gerontology, psychology, and design, in a user-friendly format, to help you make decisions that will improve the lives of older adults.


These award-winning videos work together as a tool you can use in planning, designing, and programming outdoor space to enrich the lives of seniors.

DVD purchase also allows access to:

  • Continuing Education
  • Dementia Readings
  • Research References
  • Outdoor Audit Tool- an audit for evaluating outdoor areas
  • Printable Pages (coming soon)
  • and more...
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DVD 1: "The Value of Nature for Older Adults"


Research, health benefits and activity programs


This video demonstrates the importance of having people, policies, and programs that support outdoor usage. Experts in environmental psychology, design, and gerontology identify key issues in planning outdoor space for seniors, and how experiencing nature may benefit health and improve quality of life.

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DVD 2: "Improving Outdoor Access for Older Adults"


How the Building influences outdoor usage


Whether you are a planning a new community or remodeling an existing one, this video illustrates a variety of ways the building layout can encourage residents to go outdoors. Case studies, sketches, and models show how to make strong indoor-outdoor connections, remove 'invisible' barriers, and create successful transition zones.

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DVD 3: "Safe and Usable Outdoor Spaces for Older Adults"


How to plan and design the outdoor elements


By using the right elements, outdoor spaces that were previously underutilized can now become more inviting, functional, and well-used. Case studies, 3D animated examples, diagrams and sketches show how to transform existing areas by emphasizing features that appeal to residents, while supporting their need for autonomy and independence.

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COMPLETE SET of Three Videos


A complete package!


The three videos are designed to work together to provide a comprehensive understanding of the research background, architecture, and landscape design implications. Buy all three to take advantage of a special discounted rate.

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